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Antlers & horns have always fascinated mankind. Many ruminants have a pair of antlers or horns; hundreds of thousands of years ago possibly primarily originated as defense against predators. This has evaluated as a means to impress congeners. The animals become bigger and more impressive and determine their rank within the group this way. Of course also the direct battle is not avoided. Every year, deer throw off their antlers and replace them within the consequent year. Cows, sheep, goats and antelopes maintain their hornsets during life.


This website provides background information on the antlers & horns of the different species of deer and antelopes. Also we frequently offer items to the collector in order to maintain our steadily increasing collection.

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Oryx Antilope
Ree met bastgewei


A website is never done or finished. Please feel free to send us your recommendations or comments. Also when you are looking for information on a specie which seems to fail, please let us know in order to start a renewed search!


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